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Own Up to your ride

True or False?


I believe the above statement to be true! Not to say that the actions of a Motorcyclists popping a wheelie on a busy highway is your responsibility, but the way you react to NEGATIVE/DANGEROUS riding behavior, IS.

You say you don't encourage this behavior? Well, here are the top 3 YouTube videos to date:

#1. Insane Motorcycle Stunts (3.9 million views)

#2. Motorcycle Stuntriding Fails (1.4 million views)

#3. Girl Motorcycle Stunts (3.8 million views)

If I still haven't convinced you of your culpability, consider this. Every time you view, or comment, or share or re-post one of these images/videos, you are in essence VOTING! Your interaction, innocent as it may be, has alerted an algorithm that this item (meme's included) is of interest to you. As an example, how many times have you watched a cute animal video and are then inundated with hundreds more cute animal videos?

By your one action of engagement, you have voted that this topic (cute kitten or Motorcycle Stunt Riding Fails) is of interest to you. Conversely, the producer of that YouTube video is awarded monetarily because of the number of views. In essence, their obscene video creates views which creates income, therefore more videos on that subject are created...make sense? So, if I'm getting 100,000 views of me stunting (dangerous or not), your LIKE is telling me that you dig what I'm doing. You're encouraging me to do more idiotic stunts so the likelihood of me posting more and more of these videos INCREASES SIGNIFICANTLY!

Safety is a concern for ALL MOTORCYCLE RIDERS! At least you hope so. There are organizations that deserve our support and our vote, if you will. name a few.

Many other Motorcycle groups across Canada also deserve our support with their goal to promote safety including the R.C.M.P.. These are the stalwarts that deserve our partnership...our vote.

In my Podcasts with riding enthusiasts around the world, Motorcycle Stigma remains at the forefront of the conversation.

"Why don't we get respect on the road?"

Why are we see as stupid kids on crotch-rockets?"

Why do Cagers think we are all criminals?"

Consider who you support and consider taking ownership with your actions the next time you support a NEGATIVE IMAGE of a biker, by NOT clicking LIKE!

I personally want to be recognized for promoting POSITIVE & SAFE riding...don't you?

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