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Boots aren't just for looks

Talking with Trevor from Too Cool Motorcycle School in Calgary and he mentioned something to me that I didn’t know: 67% of Motorcycles injuries happen below the sternum (chest down). That got us talking about proper footwear (IE Boots).

Typically, and especially on a warm riding day, I walk around with flip-flops or runners. So naturally, and incorrectly, it makes sense to get on your Motorcycle with the same walking gear. Here’s a story from David Grummett (Communications Director) from the MMIC (The Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council of Canada) he shared with me knowing I’d be talking about footwear…here’s what he emailed me:

I saw your notification about the upcoming flip flop story and thought I would share an old race story. Back in the day before toe sliders, racers would wear out the little toe side of their boots from dragging on the pavement. This would cause significant structural damage to the boots. One racer I used to know crashed and, in the process, peeled off the soles of his boots. In addition to the soles of his boots he also peeled the skin and flesh from the bottom of his feet. As a result, he spent days on his back unable to walk. He said if you have a bad ankle…limp, a bad knee…limp, even a bad hip…limp. If the soles of your feet are worn away with road rash even limping won’t help, you’re on your back until they heal. That’s a nasty injury flip flop wearer probably doesn’t consider.

On the next episode of the Motorcycle Minute (Posted every Wednesday on my website: we talk about proper footwear. Yes, boots are stylish, a bit cumbersome, but highly effective.

Consider if your bike accidentally becomes unbalanced and if you’re not quick enough to react, your foot could get logged between the road and your bike. Boots today, and there are so many options, should have an impact protector surrounding the heal of the boot which will absorb the impact of a fall.

I bet you have a story like David’s. When I think about the amount of times, typically during the warmer months, that I’ve seen buddy cruising on his Motorcycle wearing only flip-flops or runners. Excuses are just that…excuses! Throw the stylish sneakers in your saddle bag or backpack and throw them on when you get to your destination. Your feet will thank you in the end.

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